Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's that time of year again.. Back to school! Big changes this past year. Marcelo graduated with his MBA, I started back to school at FSCJ in the Spring, and Bela just started 4th grade. I have not done a super job blogging about my walk/run journey. But I hope to add more the remainder of 2012. Again, this year I decided to go for the 1000 mile challenge. I am way behind, and was feeling dispointed in myself. However, despite a few weeks off here in there for a slight injury in my leg, and weeks of, ok I'll admit it, pure laziness; all in all I have remained active. I think that is the key. Don't completely give up. So you had a rough week or month!? Big deal! Don't stop now... keep the momemtum up! That is what this blog means to me. I am holding myself accountable and sharing with you my struggles and my triumphs. So far this year I have done 408+ miles. Like I said, I am behind in schedule.. but not giving up! Today I woke up with horrific cramps, and really did not feel like doing the 2 miles I had promised myself I would do. I kept thinking about something I wrote on facebook just yesterday... "There are days when you just do not feel like exercising. Those are the days that really matter! Anyone can excercise on a "good" day. It's those that are really dedicated and committed that do it on days that they feel lousy!" Yes, I wrote that. Brilliant, right? So I better walk the walk, and talk the talk! I dragged my butt up this morning at 5 a.m. and did 2 miles of intervals. Was it humid? Oh yes. Did my back kill me? Yes. But am I glad I did it? YES YES YES! Whatever is holding you back today, and usually it is ourselves, don't let it. Do what you planned on doing!

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